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Here is some information about Ojos Azules breed. If you have any further questions about this specific breed, please contact us at 864-714-7740

Ojos Azules is an extremely uncommon gene amongst fully grown cats that are known for their beautiful blue eyes. What makes our Ojos Azules even more rare, is they are much smaller than your typical Ojos Azules kitties. Some may resemble physical traits of the Singapora or Abyssinian breed, and may have various markings such as colorful shades and calico spots. Our Ojos Azules cats are specifically bred to optimize their smaller size, sweet personality and intelligence. This makes them the most ideal pet teacup cats. Purebred Ojos Azules kittens have the very recognizable physical trait of stunning blue eyes. Ojos Azules cats have medium length soft fur, and can vary in color from white to tortoise to black. They have a very sweet gentle disposition and love to play! On average our Ojos Azules cats are between 8 to 10 inches tall and they typically weigh 5 to 7 lbs or less full grown. Also, the body length of our Ojos Azules cats will be between 10 to 13 inches full grown. 

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Personality: Ojos Azules cats are extremely social, love to play, easy to train, and love to be close with their family. Ojos Azules cats tend to have a soft meow and a more laid back personality.

Size: On average our Ojos Azules cats are between 8 to 10 inches tall and have a body length of 10 to 13 inches long full grown.

Color: Ojos Azules cats have a beautiful variety of color markings. Their signature feature is the stunning blue eyes.

Physical Traits: Purebred Ojos Azules cats have distinct traits such as small to medium ears, and soft medium length fur.

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