How to Take Care of Your Teacup Piglet

With the right tools and time you can become the best teacup piglet owner. Every animal takes responsibility and commitment. Here are some of the best ways to assure you raise your piglet with the upmost care.

What can I do to prepare for my piggy?

Here is what you need to make your piggy feel right at home. First, you can find a safe spot to place your playpen with a soft blanket, bed and potty pad in the corner or along the wall where you plan on keeping your pads. Playpens are recommended to keep your piggy safe and encourage good training for the first few months or while they are starting in a new environment.


A soft silicon dog bowl keeps your pig from scooting the bowl around with their nose. This keeps every meal clean and quiet.

Piglet Essentials :

  1. Nutri-Cal - Great supplement for piglets while they are growing

  2. Corn Syrup - High in sugar just in case they burn through energy

  3. Mazuri Youth Feed - Pig food with high nutritional content

  4. Dumor Treats - Pig treats, great for training and in between meals

  5. Ivermectin Paste - Prevents heart worm

  6. Yearly Booster Shot - Keeps immunity strong

  7. High Grit Human nail file - File hooves every 3 - 4 months

  8. Baby oil - Pigs naturally have dry skin, keep their skin hydrated during dry seasons

  9. Baby shampoo - Pigs only need baths when necessary, use gentle base shampoos

  10. Baby Blanket - Teacup Piglets must be kept between 70º and 80º for first few months

  11. Puppy Pads - Easy indoor potty training

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