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Best Toys for Pigs

When it comes to piggies, keeping them active is an important part of their health. Here is everything you will need to know when it comes to keeping your piggy entertained. These are the essential toys that will keep your piggy busy and encourage independent play while you are away.

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Choose from 8 Different Toy Ideas

Every piggy deserves to be spoiled when it comes to toys. Keep in mind teacup pigs are very intelligent, which means they can get bored easily while they are alone for longer periods of time. If your piglet is younger he/she may be teething like a puppy for the first few months, so rope toys are a great way to keep them preoccupied.

What Toy is Right for Your Piggy?

While you spend time getting to know your piggy it is easy to find what suits their needs best. These are perfect indoor toys to keep any piggy busy all day long. We have listed the toys from most to least interactive to help you pick the right toy for your little baby!

For Example:

  • Kong Ball - Stuff treats inside and watch your piggy roll it around for up to an hour

  • Soccer Ball - Passing a soccer ball back and forth is one of their favorite games

  • Baby Pool Ball Pit - Piggies find it very satisfying to scoot the balls around

  • Baby Blanket to Root - Pigs like to adjust their bedding before they rest

  • Rope Toy - Great for teething and playing fetch

  • Crunchy toys - It makes pigs happy to make little crunchy nosies

  • Cat Tunnel - Pigs love to relax and enjoy crawling through small spaces

  • Stuffed Animal - Pigs love to have something to snuggle

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